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Become an Export Partner

Since 1989, Cygnus Automotive Limited has designed, manufactured and supplied electronic Taximeters to the UK and International markets. Consistently establishing itself as a leader in quality, meeting the demands required by Transport for London for the traditional black cab as well as adapting to requirements for meters across the globe. No matter where you are in the world, Cygnus guarantees high quality to all its partners.

Become an Export Partner
  • Adaptive Design and Manufacturing

    Cygnus offers adaptive design and manufacturing to meet the requirements of businesses operating outside of the UK. Our customisation options include custom currency, custom taximeter overlay display in required language and will manufacture according to desired requirements. Cygnus will supply the tariff coding in the taximeter to comply to necessary tariff requirements or custom build a tariff for you, along with software updates as needed.

  • Quality and Certifications

    All taximeters produced by Cygnus Automotive for the UK market conform to the Measurement Instruments Directive (MID) and are manufactured to ISO9001 quality standards. Should you require our manufacturing processes or the taximeters to meet specific criteria for your country or require certification specific to your area of operation, we are confident that we will be able to satisfy your requirements.

  • Experience and Consultation

    Cygnus Automotive has been designing and manufacturing taximeters for over twenty years, over that time Cygnus has develop a wealth of industry knowledge and expertise. This includes supplying London with over 14,000 taximeters for the black cab market, along with building the testing equipment required for compliance to Transport for London's regulations, through our sister company Taxiworld. We're always willing to share our experience and provide consultation on best practices of projects large or small.

  • Installation and Calibration

    Installation and calibration of Cygnus taximeters is very simple for any trained auto electrician. All Cygnus meters come with an in-built "pulse check" feature, this keeps calibration simple as the meter can generate a pulse count for the vehicle it's being fitted into. Because of this no other equipment is required for the calibration process. We also offer training on how to fit and calibrate our meters should this be required.

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