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MR400 Taximeter

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  • Full compliance to your tariff requirements and MID standards.
  • Alphanumeric display with plain language messages.
  • Customised message display-available on request.
  • Highly customizable tariff options including multiple tariffs.
  • Multi-driver feature (optional).
  • Printer compatible.


The MR400 is our most popular meter for the black cab, with over 12,000 being used by taxi drivers in London alone. The MR400 has also proved popular with non black cab drivers across the UK, as the compact unit with its unparalleled user-friendless make it a formidable meter for any taxi operator large or small.

Due to having a large internal memory that MR400 can do far more than simply show amount the charge a customer for each fare, with its advanced totals features. It can show you the total distance traveled, fare, extras, paid distance, unpaid distance, fare earned in waiting mode, fare entered in distance mode and number of journeys. As a driver, having access to this kind of information enables you to compare the areas in which you drive and understand which areas are most profitable for your business.

The meter also comes with a progress indicator which displays how far through the current fare increment you are when the meter is running, brightness controls and an alarm clock. Each meter has an internal calendar and clock which automatically adjusts for daylight savings, which allows the meter to operate in a calendar-controlled tariff area.

All Cygnus meters come with an auto disable feature which can be used by meter owners that want to operate a meter rental model. By using this feature the meter will be disabled on a set date until a pin is input into the meter by the owner. Each meter also includes a pulse check feature, which allows a Cygnus dealer to find the meters pulse which is required for calibration, without removing any of the seals.

Technical Specifications

Power Supply 12 V DC
Taximeter Constant K 650 to 360,000 pulses/mile
Maximum Speed 255 mph
Pulse Voltage Amplitude (low-high) 0-2 V to 4-20 V
Pulse Frequency 0 to 10 kHz
Electromagnetic Classification E3
Mechanical Environment M3
Climatic Environment -40°C to +70 °C
Non-condensing (Closed)
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