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Become a Dealer

As a dealer, you will find that Cygnus offers unique tools and features to scale your business, along with earning opportunities available to you through our sister companies. We'll provide you with access to tariff programs, installation information, technical support, software updates and marketing resources. All of these can be used to enhance your business using your own customer service, marketing and expertise. Here are some of the opportunities we have to offer for our dealers:

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  • Taximeters

    • All of our taximeters are MID007 approved and ISO 9001 certified
    • Benefit from national advertising campaigns
    • Substantial dealer discounts available online

    The earning opportunity

    • Sell taximeters
    • Install and service taximeters
    • Earn from local tariff changes*

    * Tariff keys awarded to best dealer in each tariff area

  • Forward facing cameras

    • Forward facing cameras or dash-cams are growing in popularity
    • Access a range of high quality devices at a much lower price than online retailers
    • Widen your reach beyond taxi drivers, with cameras that appeal to all drivers

    The earning opportunity

    • Sell dash cams, SD cards and brackets
    • Install and service dash cams
    • Download accident footage (you may wish to charge per download)
  • Telematics & 3G cameras

    • Telematics has a proven track record of reducing accidents
    • Insurance benefits make it extremely valuable to fleet owners
    • Retrieve accident footage remotely, track vehicle locations and monitor driver behaviour

    The earning opportunity

    • Sell 3G cameras and telematics boxes
    • Charge for install and servicing
    • Sell replacement SD cards and brackets
  • Accident management referrals

    • Your customers are bound to have accidents and being off the road is a big problem for any taxi driver
    • Our sister company, Countrywide Vehicle Rentals, will put your customer in a plated replacement vehicle while their vehicle is repaired

    The earning opportunity

    • Earn £200.00 for every referral that takes out a courtesy vehicle
  • Insurance referrals

    • Every driver needs insurance
    • Recommend your customers to our sister company, Patons Insurance, and receive a referral fee
    • Earn each year your referral renews their policy with Patons

    The earning opportunity

    • Earn £100.00 for every policy you initiate
    • Earn £50.00 every year the policy renews
  • Vehicle sales

    • Our sister company, Patons, can give you access to a wide range of new and used vehicles
    • Check vehicle availability online
    • Delivery can be arranged throughout the UK mainland

    The earning opportunity

    • Earn up to £200.00 for every vehicle we deliver to your customers
    • Sell both new and used vehicles
  • Payment terminals

    • Capitalise on the growing trend of a cashless society
    • No installation required with this handheld solution
    • All technical and merchant support provided by out team

    The earning opportunity

    • Payment terminal sales
    • Earn £25.00 for every driver activation
    • Continue to earn for each year the driver continues to use the terminal

Please refer to our Referrals Terms and Conditions for more information about our referrals program.

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