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Referrals terms and conditions

Insurance referrals

  • The Cygnus referral scheme is open to any Cygnus dealer and only applies to referrals who purchase a new Taxi insurance policy direct from Patons Insurance where the purchaser remains on cover for over 45 days and has not been a customer with Patons Insurance in the previous 12 months.
  • In order to take part in this promotion, Cygnus dealers must use our online referral form to provide contact details for new customers they recommend.
  • The dealer must provide accurate contact details for the person that they are recommending. If Patons Insurance cannot contact the referral via any of the given contact methods Patons Insurance reserve the right to reject the submission.
  • New customers will need to complete their new insurance quote within 30 days of being contacted by Patons Insurance. If the new customer's policy isn't due for renewal when they are contacted, they will be given the option to be reminded later and will still be eligible for this offer. The 30-day window will then start from the new renewal date.
  • To be eligible for reward the entry to the referral scheme must be placed before a policy has been taken out by the person you are referring.
  • The Cygnus dealers will receive a referral reward to the value of £100, subject to all terms and conditions being met for this promotion.
  • A Cygnus dealer can benefit from introducing as many customers as they would like. When providing us with the details of a new customer, Cygnus dealers must confirm that they have the consent of the new customer to provide their details so that we may contact them in conjunction with this promotion.
  • All new customers will be contacted using the contact details that have been provided to us in relation to this promotion. The Cygnus dealer recommending the new customer will be identified so the new customer knows who is referring them. We will not use any personal information for any other marketing promotions or any other purpose.
  • Any reward will be paid to the Cygnus dealer when the new customer has been on cover for over 45 days. Payments will be made by Patons Insurance on a monthly basis, on last working day of each month.
  • The reward is non-transferrable. In the unlikely event that the reward cannot be paid, a suitable substitute of equal value will be supplied instead.
  • Where a New Customer is recommended by more than one Cygnus dealer, the reward will be sent to the customer whose referral is submitted via the Cygnus referral scheme first.
  • A Cygnus dealer will only receive one payment as a result of a successful referral. If the new customer takes out more than one policy with Patons Insurance the reward remains unchanged.
  • Policyholders renewing their Taxi insurance with Patons Insurance will not be regarded as new customers.
  • Referrals not submitted in accordance with these terms and conditions will not be considered viable for the reward.
  • Cygnus reserves the right to withdraw the offer at any time. However, customers referred prior to the offer being withdrawn will still be eligible to take part.
  • Cygnus employees are not eligible to participate in this scheme.
  • Patons may decline to quote in some circumstances.
  • For more information, please read the frequently asked questions.

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