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Forward and Rear Facing Camera CCTV

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  • Tailored adjustments to meet your council's requirements.
  • Comes with forward and internal facing camera as standard.
  • Hard drive has one-month cycle recording capacity.
  • Encrypted file storage and password protected playback.
  • 960p Video playback quality.


Being a taxi driver is a dangerous job, you are reliant upon strangers, you are carrying cash and you are alone. Sadly 50% of drivers surveyed by the Task and Finnish Group had either been threatened or assaulted whilst working. This doesn't include the damage that can be caused by fraudulent claims or accusations, vandalism, lengthy court or claims processes and non-payments of fare.

Because of the increasing numbers of reports of drivers being assaulted or being falsely accused. Cygnus began a lengthy process of working with the Information Commissioner's Office, Transport for London, multiple licensing authorities across the UK and CCTV experts to develop a CCTV system that meets national and local requirements, is able to operate within a vehicle effectively and most importantly offer protection to you as a driver as well as offering reassurance to your passengers.

The system was designed to be used in a vehicle and uses military grade hardware so that it cannot be easily damaged by speedbumps, potholes or collision damage. The technology used in our CCTV system was developed so that no matter the road conditions video quality would not be compromised. When combined with the storage capacity of the system you can be sure that you won't lose vital footage when you need it.

Please fill in the licensing authority box, as this will allow our team to put you in contact with your local Cygnus installer.

Before purchasing a CCTV system please ensure that your local council allows CCTV to be installed in taxi or private hire vehicles.

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