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Taximeter Frequently Asked Questions

How do I buy a taximeter online?

Buying a taximeter online is easy with Cygnus. Simply click on the taximeters icon above and then select which taximeter you want, if you're not sure which meter is right for you, read the section below this one.

Once you've selected the taximeter you want, simply input the quantity of taximeters you wish to order and if you require a tariff pre-programed onto the meter, state which tariff is required in the tariff box. We keep records on the tariffs in the UK so we're likely to have it on file, if we don't, we'll contact your local authority for you and get the information to tariff the taximeter and if we aren't sure which tariff you require, we will contact you to double check your requirements.

If you don't need your taximeter to be supplied with a tariff or you're going to have your local dealer tariff the meter for you, please leave the tariff section blank. Then click buy online, this will then add the taximeter to your shopping basket, once you're ready click the basket button on the top right of the website and fill in the information as directed to place your order.

Once your order has been placed, a member of the Cygnus team will contact you with details on who your local Cygnus dealer is and how to contact them so that you can have your taximeter correctly installed and calibrated.

Which taximeter is right for me?

While all our taximeters share a similar software, which means the features of what the meter can do are much the same. The main difference between each taximeter is the vehicles they were designed for, the MR400 taximeter was designed for the traditional black cab and is at home in the TX taxi produced by LEVC. Because it was designed for the black cab, the MR400 fits best into the black cab when supplied with a mounting cage allowing the MR400 taximeter to be installed into the overhead section above the driver.

The MR500 Taximeter was designed to complement any vehicle interior making it popular for taxi drivers not operating in a black cab and private hire drivers that use a taximeter.

Our most recent taximeters to date is the MR500 View Taximeter also known as a mirror meter, which shares the same advanced technology as the MR500 Taximeter but can be installed onto the existing rear-view mirror which allows you to save space on your vehicles dash.

I'm in London and need a TFL Approved Taximeter, what should I do?

Cygnus offers a TFL approved taximeter for the black cabs in London through its sister company Taxiworld. Should you require a TFL approved taximeter and you are in London, please contact them via their website www.taxiworld.co.uk.

Are Cygnus taximeters printer compatible?

All the Cygnus taximeters are compatible with the able printer. Should you require a printer with your taximeter, please contact sales@cygnus-automotive.co.uk.

Are Cygnus taximeters compatible with card readers?

Cygnus Taximeters are compatible with most card reading systems. To check to make sure that your payment system is compatible with our taximeters please contact sales@cygnus-automotive.co.uk.

I need a special tariff created for my taximeter, what should I do?

Cygnus has a tariff programming team and can ensure that your taximeter is supplied with the correct tariff for your council district. Creating a custom tariff for your taximeter is also possible, please e-mail sales@cygnus-automotive.co.uk and let us know what your requirements are.

Where can I get my taximeter installed?

Cygnus has over 120 dealers across the UK that we recommend to install and calibrate your taximeter for you, if you're unsure of who your local Cygnus dealer is please contact sales@cygnus-automotive.co.uk and we'll put you in touch with your closet Cygnus dealer.

How do I know I'm getting a good taximeter from Cygnus?

All Cygnus taximeters are manufactured according to ISO9001 and meet the MID certification, for more information on the MID certification please visit www.gov.uk/government/publications/taximeter-type-examination-certificates.

I'm a fleet owner, can I get a discount for buying multiple taximeters?

As a fleet owner you may be able to get a discount on our taximeters depending upon the size of your fleet and your location. Please send your requirements to sales@cygnus-automotive.co.uk.