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IT1000 Video Telematics

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  • High quality HD footage whatever time of day and in any weather conditions.
  • With an automatic upload this device will send footage to a secure server without the need for manual intervention.
  • Receive immediate e-mails and on-screen notifications if the G-force sensor is activated.
  • Capture speed, GPS position and G-force data.
  • Remote trigger and panic alarm enables driver-triggered alerts and video upload.


The IT1000 forward facing telematics camera is ideal for both vehicle fleets and individual drivers due to its ability to lower insurance rates and provide drivers with protection against bogus claims. In the event of an incident this camera will provide you with immediate and secure access to evidence, providing proof of what happened, all of which is safely stored on a remote secure server and backed up with an SD card.

The automatic upload feature protects against the risk of SD card corruption which can sometimes occur with SD cards in dash cams, which means that vital footage isn't lost when you need it most. This also means for fleet owners that you can have First Notification of Loss (FNOL) for your entire fleet.

Our sister company John Patons Insurance have successfully saved the cost of the camera from a customer's insurance. Depending on your insurance policy, the camera may just pay for itself when you consider how much you could save on your insurance policy. Having the camera would also mean for the low cost of renewing your data policy, you would continue to keep saving money on your insurance policy and protect you in the event of false claims.

The camera is always operational, the g-force sensor when activated will automatically transmit footage to your online account without the need for manual intervention. This means that even if you're a single driver you're able to have your vehicle monitored 24/7 and be notified should something happen to your vehicle.

Disclaimer: Always check with your local council and insurance provider before having a camera system installed to ensure that it complies with local and policy requirements. Cygnus-automotive will not be held liable for supplying a camera system that fails to meet the requirements of a local area or insurance policy.

Technical Specifications

Camera Quality Integrated
Camera Resolution 1280p * 720p
Camera Frame Rate 25fps
Camera Sensitivity 0.05 Lux
Camera Dynamic 115dB
Camera Angle of Aperture 110°
Video Recording Storage SDHC/SDXC
Video Recording File Format FAT32
Video Recording Storage Card SD Card (up to 64GB)
Video Recording Dual Streaming Continuously and Event Driven
Video Recording Event Trigger Internal G-Force-Sensor or External Trigger Inputs
Video Recording Length Configurable Up to 30s Pre- and 120s Post Event
Video Recording Transmission 3G/4G Upload to Server
Video Recording High Event Video Handling/ Video High Events Stored to Internal Memory or to SD-card, Automatic Upload to Server
Video Recording Low & Medium Event Video Handling/ Video Low & Medium Events Stored to SD-Card, Uploaded to Server Manually
Video Recording Security During Video Transmission TLS-Encryption During Data Transmission
Data Encryption Optional
Data Access Via Web-Interface or API to VTS-Server
G-Force Sensor Axis 3
G-Force Sensor Accident Level Adjustable 1g-2g
G-Force Sensor Trigger Level 3 Levels (Low, Medium, High)
G-Force Calibration Auto Adjustment After Installation
G-Force Configuration Remotely Over the Air
GNSS Max. Number of Satellites 90
GNSS Update Rate 10 Hz
GNSS Tracking Interval 1s-300s
GNSS Antenna Connector Internal
Modem Versions UMTS/ CDMA
Modem Max Data Rate Upload UMTS 5.2 MBit, CDMA 1.8MBit
Battery Capacity 480mA
Battery Voltage Up to 3.7V
Battery Operational Time Fully Charged 20min, Standby 7 days
Dimensions without Mount 105mm x 45mm x 40mm
Weight 140g
Input Voltage 7V-32V
Temperature Range (Ambient) -15°C to/bis 75°C
Passive Cooling Cooler with 25 fins
Approvals RTTE Directive 1999/EC, ECE R10 (Rev 4) (E1)
Power Consumption @ 12V Standby 170uA
Power Consumption @ 12V Recording 220mA
Power Consumption @ 12V Video Upload 400mA
Connector Type Molex 6-pin MicroFit
Connector Input 1 Digital Input up to 32V
Connector Output 1 Open Collector, up to 30V, 100mA
RX/Tx Configuration-Interface
Power Ignition +Vcc/GND
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Note: This product requires a monthly data fee in order to operate. Prior to ordering your physical cameras, please email to get your quote on your data fees.

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