Telematics Box

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Telematics is a small piece of kit often referred to as a black box that can be easily fitted into your vehicle(s) to record information about the journey. The information that the box records can help you in many ways including savings on your insurance premiums and reducing fuel and maintenance costs.

What a Telematics box does:

  • Records information about how your vehicle is being driven
  • Produces an Acceleration, Braking and Speeding score
  • Helps with potential savings on vehicle maintenance by identifying key areas where driving could be improved
  • Cuts down on fuel costs by altering your driving based on score feedback
  • Identifies the location of the vehicle at all times
  • Provides snail trail journey data
  • 2 Fitment options: ODB plug-in or Hardwired device

What Cygnus can offer you:

  • Installation
  • Accident monitoring
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