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Telematics Box

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  • Reduce fuel, vehicle maintenance and insurance costs.
  • Driver scoring and risk management.
  • Covert installation.
  • Full GPS tracking via PC/Laptop/Smartphone and App.
  • Compatible with: Driver/Operator ID, IncidentCam and Remote immobilization.


This telematics box with extra sensitive GPS technology provides accurate location and speed information while GPRS/GSM communication transmits data over all major networks for live, scheduled and historic telematics reporting and altering.

The integrated 3-axis accelerometer facilitates both accurate driver behavior measurement and crash detection. All the information tracked can be accessed on a robust suite accessible via your PC, Laptop or Smartphone which enables you to track productivity with journey report and mileage capture. Each driver is given a risk score based on an algorithm and an ID tag can be used to ensure that the system knows which driver is using the vehicle, should multiple drivers operate the same vehicle. This risk score generates a report on negative and positive behaviors, allowing you to address concerns and reward good performance.

Over the air serviceability provides access to firmware, rules and reporting frequencies, and configuration updates can all be deployed and received remotely.

Technical Specifications

GSM/GPRS, CDMA 1xRTT, or HSPA configurations
Internal or external cellular and GPS antenna options for easy installation
High sensitivity GPS
3-axis precision accelerometer for driver behaviour and impact detection
Anti-tamper tremble sense capability
20,000 buffered message log
5 inputs / 3 outputs / 1-wire interface for driver ID, temperature sensors and more
Dual switched power serial ports
Garmin advanced peripheral support
Power management sleep modes
Automatic over the air configuration and firmware download
Internal 1000mAh internal backup battery
Operational voltage: 12 / 24v
Location accuracy: 2.0 metres
Power consumption: Deep sleep: <3 Ma @ 12v, Sleep on network with SMS: <10Ma @ 12v, Sleep on network with GPRS: <20Ma @ 12v and Active mode: <70mA @12v
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